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SP2 install of a node; ptfs needed for X11

DESC:  The customer is trying to install X11.rte onto a node which is
using the spimg from Kingston.  This image contains a minimal image
for the bos of AIX.  X11.rte is asking for 2 ptfs that belong to the
bos.  These ptfs need to be bffcreate'd to the hard drive for nfs
installation to the nodes.  SMIT will not allow the customer to select
the two ptfs to put to the hard drive.  How do they get just those

ACT:  Conf in Lee M. from the danlz group for assistance.  He is
helping right now with the procedure.

NEXT:  Assign to Lee M. for documentation of this procecure.



  AIX 3.2.5

  Desc:  Customer is trying to load the X11rte on the system
         but is missing these two ptfs U432036 and U428403

  Since it is a sp2 system and this node does not have a tape drive.
  the customer is loading the lpps to a filesystem and nfs mount
  the filesystem to the node to install from it.

  chdev -l rmt0 -a block_size=512
  tctl rewind
  dd if=/dev/rmt0.1 of=toc ibs=512 fskip=2
     vi the toc file looking for the ptfs above
     found the first one  it is on image 109 (U428403)
     The other ptf has been superceded by U433770 image 1056

  tctl rewind
  dd if=/dev/rmt0.1 of=U428403 ibs=512 conv=sync fskip=108
  dd if=/dev/rmt0.1 of=U433770 ibs=512 conv=sync fskip=155

  And try reinstalling the ptf



l.  First pull the toc file off of the install/ptf tape.
    It does not matter what kind of
    install/ptf tape it is, the toc image is always the third file image.

  A.  chdev -l rmt\# -a block_size=512
      (Always uses 512 even on 8mm and 4mm tapes)
  B.  tctl -f /dev/rmt\# rewind
  C.  dd if=/dev/rmt\#.1 of=toc ibs=512 fskip=2      

2.  Search the toc file for the PTF you want to copy to disk

        A.  vi toc 
            Search throughout the toc  for something you want to copy. 
    EXAMPLE OF PART OF A THE TOC FILE  (The one you extracted from the dd)
01:006 3 R S {
bos.obj 03.02.0000.0000.U423981 01 N B En_US Device Drivers
[*prereq bos.obj p=U422458
*prereq bos.obj p=U422467
*prereq bos.obj p=U422437

3.  Extract the PTF from the tape

 The line:   01:006 3 R S {
 Tells me this image is on the first volume six file image of the SPO tape. 

        Once you found the a image in the toc file:
        A.  chdev -l rmt0 -a block_size=512
        B.  tctl -f /dev/rmt0 rewind
        C.  dd if=/dev/rmt\#.1 of=\ ibs=512 conv=sync fskip=\
            So if the ptf is the 6th image then fskip=5

       D.  cd \
       E.  inutoc .

           NOTE:  You must be in that directory for this command to
                  work, also you much give the full path of that



resent the fax

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