ITEM: M9152L

x-windows executable errors w/ "sm-underscore"


   Env: 3.2.5,
   Desc: Developed X windows code for the RISC on R4 and R5 platforms. 
        Have statically linked the code and compiled and executed on
        our machine. Customer in US able to run executable but a customer
        in UK gets errors about sm_\. I believe these
        have to do with the Shared memory transport file smt.exp. I ftp'ed
        this file to their machine and still receive the errors still.
        Before I sent the executable I did a dump -H to verify there is
        no library calls.

 Error messages are as follows:

Could not load program ./zcmp.exe
Symbol smsendbuff in csh is undefined
Symbol smgetbuff in csh is undefined
Symbol smwait in csh is undefined
Symbol smfreebuff in csh is undefined
Symbol smcvbuff in csh is undefined
Symbol smsocket in csh is undefined
Symbol smconnect in csh is undefined
Error was: Exec format error


ACT: Indicated that these errors are a result of trying to run R5 code
     on an R4 machine. What he is trying to do is not supported. He is
     statically linking an application on X11r5 with the shared-memory
     transport (SMT) stuff. This is ONLY on X11r5 so he cannot run this
     application on X11r4. The symbols that it is complaining about are
     actually an extension to the kernel in the X11r5 stuff and so they
     will not be available on x11r4.

Support Line: x-windows executable errors w/ "sm-underscore" ITEM: M9152L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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