repeated HACMP msg. - syslog set by root

Desc:  Customer is getting the following error in her /etc/cluster.log
  syslog: set by root 

Act:  Found PMR 3775X,215 that stated the entry in the cluster.log
file "syslog: set by root" is an indication that someone set the

I talked to the customer and told her that the date and time were
being reset.  I asked of there were any scripts out there setting
this.  There was a batch job set to sycronize the time with a main
server on their network.

I told her that it was not a good idea to synchronize the time while
HACMP was active.  The keep alive packets use time stamps, and if they
are off by a certain amount the cluster manager may panic.  She is
going to disable this script.

Closing with Customer Approval


Closing with Customer Approval

Support Line: repeated HACMP msg. - syslog set by root ITEM: BL9647L
Dated: September 1996 Category: N/A
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