Moving a mksysb image from hard disk to tape.


How to move a mksysb image from disk to tape and use it 
to restore the system.


 ENV:  4.2

*CUSTOMER REP:  Pat Morgan

 PROBLEM:  Customer needs to move a mksysb image from hard disk 
        to an 8mm 5gb tape.

*ACTION TAKEN:  Here is our format for creating the mksysb.
        The first image is the bosboot image
        >bosboot -ad /dev/rmt0.1

        The second image is the mkinsttape image
        >mkinsttape /dev/rmt0.1

        Then we created the third image that is 512 bytes called dummy.
        Determine the blocksize for future reference
        >lsattr -El rmt0   --   record the blocksize
        Change the blocksize to zero
        >chdev -l rmt0 -a block_size=0
        Then create a file called dummy that has only the words
          'dummy toc' in it on the top line.  Save the file.
        Copy the file to tape with 
        >dd if=dummy of=/dev/rmt0.1 bs=512 conv=sync
        Change the blocksize back to the size that was recorded with    
        the above lsattr command
        >chdev -l rmt0 -a block_size=\#

        The fourth image is the mksysb file from the hard disk.
        >dd if=\ of=/dev/rmt0

        He verified the data with a restore command
        >restore -s4 -Tvqf /dev/rmt0.1



Support Line: Moving a mksysb image from hard disk to tape. ITEM: BU7910L
Dated: March 1997 Category: N/A
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