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Install 4.1 tape device driver from system w/out tape drive support


   AIX 4.1.X

   How to install the AIX 4.1.x tape drive device drive fileset
   (devices.scsi.tape.rte) on a system with out device support for a 
   tape drive. The only install media available is a tape.  This
   is a catch 22 stituation.  


Here are the steps I followed to install the tape drive 
device driver file set for AIX 4.1.1 in maintenance mode:

   1. boot off the tape in service mode.

   2. at the Welcome to Base Operating System Installation and Maintenance
   menu choose option 3, Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery.

   3. at the Maintenance menu choose option 1, Access a Root Volume Group.

   4. at the Access a Root Volume Group choose the option that corresponds
   to the set of disks for the rootvg.
   5. at the Volume Group Information menu, select option 1, Access this
   Volume Group and start a shell.
   This corresponds to running a getrootfs at 3.2.5.

   6. at the prompt set your TERM and export it. 

   7. to install the device driver you can use
            smit installp
                 Install Additional Device Software
   8. for the input device you will have to type in /dev/rmt0.1 as
      it will not come up in the pop up list in smit.

   9. pull up the list of software to install and select the 
      devices.scsi.tape.rte file set and install it.

   10. when the install finished I ran a bosboot -a -d /dev/hdisk0
       but I'm not sure if this was necessary.

   11.  sync;sync;sync

   12.  Turn key to Normal mode and run shutdown -Fr

These steps are useful if you have a machine that does not have a
device driver for the tape drives and the only install media you
have is a tape. 


Support Line: Install 4.1 tape device driver from system w/out tape drive support ITEM: T3378L
Dated: March 1995 Category: N/A
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