ITEM: Z0816L

HP Laserjet 4si prints PCL but not PostScript

ENV:  AIX 3.2.5
      RS/6000 model 25T
      HP Laserjet 4si

DESC:  Customer is unable to get his 4si to print PostScript.  HP/PCL
prints fine.

ACT:  Had customer remove his virtual printer (RMVIRPRT) because it
was set up for a HPlj-3, which lacks some parameters required for
PostScript processing on a HPlj-4.  After MKVIRPRT with a PostScript
(ps) queue, had him change the parm d=s to d=p (for passthru mode).
Customer attempted his print again, but only got the header page.
(This told me that PostScript was actually printing, just not his

Customer was attempting to print screen captures from NetView and from
XWindows, using XWD/XPR commands.  The "xpr" command he invoked was
using "-device ljprt" (which causes the output to be formatted into PCL)
instead of "-device ps" (which creates PostScript).  Once he changed this
parameter, his jobs started to print through the 'ps' queue.

NEXT:  Closing.  \

Support Line: HP Laserjet 4si prints PCL but not PostScript ITEM: Z0816L
Dated: September 1995 Category: N/A
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