0516-038 lcreatelv error when missing CuDvDr entries


Env:  3.2.5.

Problem:  When creating a logical volume in rootvg, gets:
0516-038 lcreatelv:  Illegal minor number used
0516-822 mklv: Unable to create logical volume.

Action taken:

We need to know the minor number it is trying to use, so the
following command was run for getting the next available minor
number for use in "rootvg".

\# lvgenminor 10 lv04 : returns a minor number of 0

This is clearly invalid.  Minor number 0 is reserved for the volume
group itself.  The value is generated from the CuDvDr entries, so
we are probably missing a CuDvDr entry for one or more rootvg
logical volumes (or the rootvg entry itself, in this case).

\# odmget -q value1=10 CuDvDr : nothing

This means that nothing is in CuDvDr for this volume group, so 
lvgenminor will return 0, which is invalid.

Running redefinevg and synclvodm will rebuild the ODM entries
in CuDvDr, and doing so resolved this problem.

Action plan:  Close.

Support Line: 0516-038 lcreatelv error when missing CuDvDr entries ITEM: DA5584L
Dated: May 1997 Category: N/A
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