7318 P10 style port and 28.8 modem with baudrate 115200

     7318 model s20, P10 style port
     USRobotics 28.8Kbps modem  

        Since the 28.8Kbps modem is capable of data compression
        and "effective throughputs" of up to 115200 bps, I would
        like to setup the modem at a higher buad rate than the
        AIX limit of 38400.  How is this possible on the 7318 as
        I understand it supports devices at this high speed?


        Smitty -> Devices -> Communications -> CNS ->
                CNS Port Options Configuration -> hibaud config.

  Configures a port to use extended baud rates.  Unix only               x+
  directly supports a maximum rate of 38400 bps; however, with the       x+
  hibaud option set, the unix stty reported rate of 2400 baud is         x+
  mapped to 57600, 4800 bps is mapped to 76800, and 19200 is mapped      x+
  to 115200 baud.  A value of 'no' indicates that hibaud is not set;     x+
  'yes' indicates that hibaud is turned on; and 'not configured'         x+
  indicates that the port has no devices configured on it.  A TTY        x+
  or Printer must be configured before buddy can be enabled on a port.   x

        Once you made the above change to "yes" for hibaud, you 
        can do a cu -s19200 -ml tty\# and 19200 will actually mean

        To /etc/uucp/Devices add:
                Direct tty\# - 19200 direct

        pdisable tty\#
        cu -s19200 -ml tty\#    (where 19200 actually means 115200)

        Send the US Robotics modem this setup string:

        Disconnect from cu

        Now, penable (or pshare or pdelay) your tty\# again.

Support Line: 7318 P10 style port and 28.8 modem with baudrate 115200 ITEM: AL0627L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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