rpc.mountd won't stay active

ENV: 4.2.1
CUSTOMER REP: Gregg Asheman
PROBLEM: rpc.mountd says it start successfully but ps -ef
shows that it has died.
ACTION TAKEN:Enabled syslog with the following in /etc/syslog.conf:
.daemon.debug  /tmp/mountd.log
\# touch /tmp/mountd.log
\# refresh -s syslogd
.Start mountd in debug mode:
.\# startsrc -s mountd -a "-D"
mountd dies and syslog says:
svc tcp create cannot register program
\# host localhost --> comes back with
\# host --> ????
This is the problem.  The reverse lookup is incorrect.
Found out the customer has an /etc/resolv.conf and is
running named when he shouldn't be.  Removed resolv.conf
and stopped named.  
.Started rpc.mountd and now it stays up and clients can mount.

Support Line: rpc.mountd won't stay active ITEM: CO4491L
Dated: June 1997 Category: N/A
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