sbwrite: Cannot open file 0


  AIX 4.1.5
  RISC 590

Customer Rep  Julie Vento

  Customer was doing a remote backup to a file and
  got this error message:
  sbwrite Cannot open file 0
  sbwrite Permission denied

Action Taken:
  I had the customer do this:
  export SBDEBUG=1
  sysback -xf /images -I 123456 datavg

  I noticed the sbwrite command using this syntax

sbwrite -Rts -n "rootvg datavg" -L /tmp/12716filelist -T /tmp/12716vginfo -d"" 
-p -s 1145  0  -B B /images/SB.mars.123456.TOC

The problem is with the 0 option show in the sbwrite command.
Where that value come from.  
It turns out that is the LEVEL variable.  The customer has
a LEVEL env value set.  Once I had the customer run a 
unset LEVEL it fixed the problem.

I opened up a defect with the developer.  He added the unset
to his scripts.

Fixed in sysback

Closing with customer approval

Support Line: sbwrite: Cannot open file 0 ITEM: DE5851L
Dated: July 1997 Category: N/A
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