Problems with the 3494 tape library

  AIX 4.1.3
  RISC Sp2 node
  Tape 3494 with 7 - 3590 tape drives in it.

  Customer added several 3590's to his 3494 all attached to one
  system.  The customer was able to add up to 4 on one system and
  the mtlib commands worked without problem, once he added a 5th
  3590 the mtlib command returned back a error not in the library

  This turns out to be a limit with the driver at the level of atldd
  Talked with Bob C in Tucson who stated to upgrade the level of atldd
  to and it should correct the problem

Next Action:
  Closing call out

Support Line: Problems with the 3494 tape library ITEM: CK2849L
Dated: January 1997 Category: N/A
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