Want to send header pages to remote queue


        I have a remote queue to another system and I want the
        local machine to add header pages before the job is
        sent across the network.  Also, I want the name on the
        header page to be printed much larger than the default
        Courrier 10 font.  

To get headers on a remote queue:

        1) Add a normal remote queue via SMIT

        2) Add a virtual printer (local) using mkvirprt and
           selecting a printer/plotter attached to host.
           Select null for the device (/dev/null).

        3) Use lsvirprt to change the virtual printer's mo
           attribute to mo=qprt -P\.

        The affect of these above three steps is that the 
        print job is queued to a local queue, formatted,
        and requeued to the remote queue with the desired
        formatting in place.  This formatting may include
        the adding of header and trailer pages as you desire.

To print the user name of the header in large characters on a
PCL printer one can edit the header page.

cd /usr/lib/lpd/pio/burst
cp H.ascii H.myascii

Change virtual printer sh attribute to point at H.myascii instead of
H.ascii using the lsvirprt command.
Edit H.myascii to contain PCL sequence for large print:




\^[ is an escape character created in vi with ctrl-v Esc
The PCL commands are concatenated to one PCL command, but are:

ESC ( s \# T   -  Select the font by the font ID. \#=4148 is Universe font
ESC ( s 1 P   -  Select proportional spacing.  0 P  selects fixed spacing
ESC ( s 150 V -  Sets the Point size (proportional spacing) to 150

Concatinated PCL commands simply use a small letter for the T and P
so that we don't have to repeat the ESC ( s for each command.

The bottom PCL commands selects font 3 (courier) '0p' selects fixed font,
and '10H' selects a pitch of 10 (default for the burst page).  

The net result of these operations is to set the font and style to
large print before the user's name (%S) is printed, and reset back to
the smaller size when you are done.  This should work fine for any
PCL printer.

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