Why does LUM 4.0 put files in /tmp


Why does LUM 4.0 store files in the /tmp?

 ENV: AIX 4.3 

This is a new feature of LUM V4. The files are copied in the /tmp
directory for backup purposes in case the originals are corrupted.
In the manual 'Using License Use Management Runtime for AIX' in 
appendix A, the i4ls.ini file is described. The paragraph titled 
iFOR/LS LMD explains the different parameters used to control this 
feature. This file is located in the /var/ifor/ directory.

The following is a list and small explanation of the parameters.

        Specifies when the back of the files will be created. Possible
        values are daily, weekly, and changes. If you select daily, the
        backup is done at the time specified in the BackupParm. If you
        specify weekly, the backup is done at midnight of the day
        specified in the BackupParam. If you specify changes, the 
        backup is done at every change.

        *** This parameter value must be the same on all servers within
        *** your licensing environment.

        If BackupMode=daily, the hour when the backup occurs 
        (midnight=0). If BackupMode=weekly, the day of the week when
        the backup occurs (Sunday=0).

        *** This parameter value must be the same on all servers within
        *** your licensing environment.

        The path where the server files and databases are copied during 
        the automatic backup procedure.

        The number of log files License Use Runtime writes. 
        For example, if logdb is the log file name, and the 
        NumberOfLogFile is set to 2, License Use Runtime changes the 
        name to logdb00_. When it is full, it starts logging event 
        on logdb01_. When this is full, it restarts writing on logdb0_.

        The number of tens of kilobytes the log files can be long. 
        After that size is reached, License Use Runtime starts writing 
        another log file. 

        Internal period, in days, to validate per-client licenses 
        stored on the nodelocked license server against the central 

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