** LIBRARY ** HACMP: Token ring LANStreamer Problems

ENV:  AIX 4.1.4  HACMP 4.1

PROBLEM:  Getting Device Busy when trying to perform an rmdev
on the token ring Lan Streamer.  (rmdev -dl tok0)

 Getting unable to initialize driver to the kernal. (mkdev -l 
tok0 fails)

ACTION TAKEN:  Customer needs the latest PTFs/APARs for HACMP, 
TCP and the LANStreamer.  

HACMP ptfs:  U446694  U447432  U443810  U447108  U445537

TCP ptfs:    U437191  U445555  U445558  U442854  U445767
    apars:   IX57950  IX58507  IX58676  IX58868  IX60549

Token Ring apar:  IX59720

Support Line: ** LIBRARY ** HACMP: Token ring LANStreamer Problems ITEM: CK3512L
Dated: February 1997 Category: N/A
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