ITEM: H3626L

Error 0514-519 trying to tar off some files.


I have a RS6000 running 3.2.5 of AIX, and I am trying to tar up some
files.  The tape drive is a 525 MB 1/4" tape drive, and we are using rmt0.4
and density setting number 2 is set to 16 for 150 MB setting.  The
command we are using is

 tar -cvf/dev/rmt0.4 /directory

The error we receive is:

 chdev: 0514-519  The following device was not found in the
                  configuration database:

How can I get this to work?

Answer:  We checked the density settings and block sizes.  They were
correct (16 and 512).  Next, I asked him to try the same command, 
but use rmt0.5, ./directoryname, and to first be in the root
directory.  He typed:

 cd /
 tar -cvf /dev/rmt0.5 ./directory/name

This time it worked.  The difference of .4 and .5 is that .5 does not
rewind on close.  Also, using "./" instead of not using "/" allows
the backup to be restored with a relative path.  Archiving data with
a relative path is highly recommended.

Support Line: Error 0514-519 trying to tar off some files. ITEM: H3626L
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