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Host doesn't have line printer access 0781-228 & 0781-088


remote printing getting messed up. host doesn't have print access

ENV: 3.2.4, remote printing, Client in Wi. at a 580, Server in Chicago
on a 340. TCP/IP.  Server system was a machine that took over in
a HACMP (High Availability) site.

error 0781-202 your host does not have line printer access.
New setup, many other problems, removed HAMCP today also. 

Updated /etc/hosts.lpd with alias and ip address.
Stepped thru the queue setup to insure he had the correct queue names.
Stopped lpd and qdaemon.
Checked for multiple instances of qdaemon.
Restarted srcmaster and writeserver.
ran iptrace, ran ipreport, No communication between the 2 machines.
The host name specified in the client machines queue may be wrong.
Change it to the ip address.
Re-run the iptrace.
kill the trace kill -9 pid
ipreport has nothing in it.
Are now getting these errors with a qadm request.
fatal error 0781-228 could not send datafile [filename] rembak:
0781-088 device died running request.
Check local printer, is it printing okay.

Customer also has token ring, with 2 token ring adaptors.
did a netstat -r and it did not show the address of the client
token ring addapter that was in /etc/hosts.lpd.

Added token ring addresses (both) to /etc/hosts.lpd.
Printing works now.

Basically the 'lpd' daemon is not smart enough to recognize the
route to the other system, so it looked for the ip address based
on the entry in /etc/hosts.lpd, but the host that it received
from the clients remback (TCP/IP) was different.  It was the
address of a different route into the box.  (ie the other token
ring card).

Ping on 200.75 from the 580, apparently on the 1st token ring card,
lpd looked at the other adaptor card at this ip address 200.254.
Also had to update the /etc/hosts.allowed.

Referenced RETAIN item 8X843 B510
In this problem the following comment was made:

I can see that the request is coming in to the server from the
Token Ring address of the client, but the hostname listed in the
/etc/hosts.lpd is the hostname defined for the Ethernet address;
thus the message that the host did not have lineprinter access.
He tested this while we were on the phone ( adding the Token Ring
address' hostname to the /etc/hosts.lpd of the server ) and
everything worked fine.

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Support Line: Host doesn't have line printer access 0781-228 & 0781-088 ITEM: L2536L
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