how to drop a user's HCON session


ENV: 7013-550L, AIX 4.2.1, Comm Server, HCON

PROBLEM: The customer is looking for a way to force a user
off the system after a certain time of HCON inactivity.
He wants the half session returned to become available to
another user.


The customer can use the 'e789cln' command to stop selected hcon
sessions.  A non-root user can only stop hcon sessions for his
own user name.  However, the root user can stop hcon sessions for
any user.  For the details regarding this command have the
customer do 'man e789cln'.  Here is an example:

If there is an hcon session "d" active for user "smith", the root
user could stop that sessions by issuing:

   e789cln -N smith -n d -y

This command could then be incorporated into a script.

ACTION TAKEN: Spoke to the customer about the selective use of
the e789cln command. He was not aware that any user could be
forced off HCON from root. We discussed the use of the 'who'
command to determine HCON activity, and Mike agreed that a
script could be written to control user inactivity on HCON
without changing VTAM on the host.

Support Line: how to drop a user's HCON session ITEM: FL6514L
Dated: March 1998 Category: N/A
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