Connecting IBM 3153 to two machines and hotkey between sessions

        AIX 4.1.4

        I have an IBM 3153.  There are two serial ports on the back
        of the 3153.  I want to run two cables from the 3153 to two
        ports on my terminal server and have the ability to hot key
        with ctrl-enter on the numeric keypad between two 
        connections to two different systems. 

        In the 3153 setup screens:

1) Go into the setup menu of the terminal (ctrl-scroll lock on non 3151
   emulation models, ctrl-minus sign on keypad for 3151 models).
2) Under the "Quick" setup menu change the "Sessions" to two.  Hit F6
   to check the communications setup for the ports (8/n/1, baud, etc),
   making sure that this matches the setup of the tty's in smit.
3) Hit cntrl-enter (using the enter on the keypad) to see the session 2
   settings (it'll say session 2 on the bottom of the screen), and make
   sure it is setup the same way (steps 1 and 2 above).
4) In the quick setup menu is an option "Host/Printer".  For session one,
   set this to "EIA/none", assuming that your connecting the cable from one
   host to the EIA port on the terminal.   For session 2, make the
   "Host/printer" setting to AUX/none, also assuming you are connecting the
   cable from the other host to the AUX port.
5) The cable going to the EIA port should be same as any other terminal cable
   (i.e. cable D with an interposer).  The cable going to the AUX port is just
   straight through (cable D without the interposer).

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