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How does AIX Technical Library/6000 (TECHLIB) compare with IBMLink?


Is the data included in Techlib the same as what is available on IBMLink?


Yes, the HONE ASKQ database included on Techlib is the same that customers
can access thru IBMLink, and that IBM SEs and Reps access in ASKQ.  But 
also included in Techlib is the APAR database, containing information on
known and closed defects in AIX V3.2, SNA/6000, XLC, XL FORTRAN, XL PASCAL,
NV/6K, Sysmon, HCF, LMU/6K, NV DM/6K, and other products.  I do not believe
IBMLink gives access to APAR data, nor does it give access to Support Line
library items, another database included on Techlib.

Techlib has certain advantages over IBMLink, particularly as response time is
not mainframe dependent, or 2400 bps dialup dependent, which is a frequently used
connection speed for IBMLink for those customers who do not have the leased
line connection to IBMLink.    

Support Line: How does AIX Technical Library/6000 (TECHLIB) compare with IBMLink? ITEM: H1203L
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