hacmp not working on 4.3

Env: 4.3 S70  and F50 HACMP 4.2.2

Problem: Customer is trying to varyon concurrently a VG and gets the 
        0516-078 varyonvg: incomplete device driver information.
        Action Taken: Customer can varyon the VG in normal mode but
        always gets the error when trying to varyonvg -c.
        WE exported the VG and re-imported it as a different name
        and still got the error. We could varyonvg -c on the othe
        node without a problem. I could not find any information
        on the 0516-078 and everything looks good
                We checked his levels of lvm and hacmp and he had applied
        the latest fixes. Finally customer fixed his nameserver and
        then clvm would communicate correctly.

Action Plan: close

Support Line: hacmp not working on 4.3 ITEM: FJ2193L
Dated: March 1998 Category: N/A
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