can't unmount /dev/hd4 filesystem in sysback

Environment:  4.1.4  C20  Sysback

Description:  Customer booted in service mode did a restore from a full
  system backup.  But received error 
  Cannot unmount /dev/hd4. 
  Device is busy



        Choose option for system maintenance.

        \#umount /dev/hd4

  At this point the installation will complete.


   The problem is that the sbread program is using a shared library in 
   /mnt and sometimes has not exited before the unmount is attempted. 
   The system will now retry the unmount for up to 2 minutes before 
   displaying the error. The message "unable to unmount /dev/hd4: device 
   busy" is listed, followed by  "waiting for /mnt become ready ..", then 
   the installation continues.

  Fixed with version

Support Line: can't unmount /dev/hd4 filesystem in sysback ITEM: BF8868L
Dated: April 1996 Category: N/A
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