ITEM: D1188L

Needs help with SNA LU.2 application program


I have written a transaction program, not quite working yet, the
6000 is configured as LU.2 to a 3720 (probably SDLC attached).  The
profiles he used are directly out of "Using AIX SNA Services/6000,"
SC31-7002-00, p 138-140, with just the host addresses changed. 


The problem is that sometimes, the program received an error 145 on
the LU-LU allocate call.  This problem is because the prior GET_STATUS
shows that the LU-LU session is not available to be allocated.  This
means that the host has not yet sent the BIND for the LU-LU session.
One thing that might be helpful is to set Notify=Yes in the connection
profile.  If this does not help, the next step is to check the host
and see if an error is being encountered that is preventing the BIND
from flowing.  If not, the program must be altered to request the BIND
by sending a Login command and navigating the screens to login to the


Customer is still having the problem.  However, the customer was not
checking for exceptions or available data before attempting the LU-LU
allocate.  Customer will update code and try again.


Problems reported earlier have been resolved as described above.
Current problem is that a select() for exceptions is returning a HOST
BID but the readx() with allocate=yes is returning a error 110 (state
error).  The problem is that program does not select() for data
available to be read.  Customer will incorporate changes in program
and retest.

Support Line: Needs help with SNA LU.2 application program ITEM: D1188L
Dated: October 1993 Category: N/A
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