ITEM: T5045L

Extra form feeds printing to NOVELL


        Customer is remote printing from RISC to NOVELL using
FLEXIP for NETWARE and is trying to suppress header pages 
and form feeds.  This is not able to be done on the NOVELL
queue side so he is trying to accomplish this on the UNIX
side using a special command sent to him from NOVELL:

        'lpr -h -J/nfs/nb filename'

The /nfs/nb is supposed to go to NOVELL and tell the queue to
suppress the printing of the banner page and form feeds.  It is
never printing the banner page but always prints the form
feeds if he uses the flags or not.

        The RISC is just sending the files to the NOVELL with
no formatting and he can test this by sending regular ASCII
files.  The -h flag will suppress the printing of header
pages and will defeat the purpose of the -J flag
which is used for the job name to go on the header page.
He tried the printing without the -h flag and still had
the same results.  This also occurred using regular ASCII
files.  He checked the printing that was going on by 
using the iptrace command.  I stepped through the viewing of
the trace using the fax in 
The job information was in the trace so it is possible that
NOVELL is stripping out the information before printing.
He conferenced the software company and NOVELL about
the issue and the command is supposed to work for all different
kinds of UNIX but may not work for AIX.  This has been documented
a few times to not work so NOVELL said there was another option
that the customer might use which is a file that can be loaded
on his system that will allow the option to suppress form feeds
on the NOVELL side. 

        The file is available for ftp at
and is in /incoming. The file is called and needs to 
be unzipped before using.  He will try this option and call back
if he is still having problems.


        Customer called back and the files which were ftped
from NOVELL off the internet worked fine.  They created
options on his queues for suppress burst pages and suppress
form feeds.  He said these options worked perfectly.
He will call back if he has any further problems.


Support Line: Extra form feeds printing to NOVELL ITEM: T5045L
Dated: April 1995 Category: N/A
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