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Linker complaining about unresolved symbols.


I have a risc model 580, running 3.2.4 and I am having problems with
linker. The command that I used is "cc -Wl,-bnso,-bnodel,-
bI:libscall.exp-o objectfiles -lrts -lIm -liconv -lcurses -lm. After I
have executed this command I get several errors and the errors are :
> Unresolved symbols or undefine 0706-317.  
> smsendbuff 
> smcheckinit  
> smsocket 
> smconnect 
> smwait 
> smrcvbuff
> smgetbuff

I am trying to compile emax.


The symbols that you are looking for are in libX11.a. You can link in
these symbols using -lX11 on your compile command. They are only
available on 3.2.4 level of aix which contains X11R5 with the shared
memory transport. You can use "nm -v /usr/lib/libX11.a | grep smgetbuff"
to see if you have the symbols on your system.

Support Line: Linker complaining about unresolved symbols. ITEM: D7505L
Dated: September 1993 Category: N/A
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