Questions on prtacct accounting report


AIX 3.2.5


 Customer is running the prtacct command against his accounting
 files and has questions regarding the meaning of the headings
 and units of information reported.  Customer is using the 
 following command:

   /usr/sbin/acct/prtacct -f2 /var/adm/acct/fiscal/tacctl2 \\
     > prtacct.out

 which produces an output file called prtacct.out.  Running the
 above command with -f1, then again with -f2, then with -f3,
 etc.. gives a complete list of all of the headings.


  Here is a complete list of the headings ona prtacct report:

  No. Header          Description
   1  UID             User ID number.
   2  LOGIN NAME      Login name of user.
   3  CPU PRIME       Cumulative CPU minutes during prime hours.
   4  CPU NPRIME      "" "" "" during non-prime hours.
   5  KCORE PRIME     Cumulative minutes spent in the kernel during
                       prime hours
   6  KCORE NPRIME    "" "" "" during non-prime hours.
   7  BLKIO PRIME     Cumulative blocks transferred during prime
   8  BLKIO NPRIME    "" "" "" during non-prime hours.
   9  RW/WR PRIME     Cumulative blocks read/written during prime
  10  RW/WR NPRIME    "" "" "" during non-prime hours.
  11  CONNECT PRIME   Cumulative connect time (minutes) during prime
  12  CONNECT NPRIME  "" "" "" during non-prime hours.
  13  DISK BLOCKS     Cumulative disk usage.
  14  PRINT           Queuing system charges. (pages)
  15  FEES            Fee for special services.
  16  \# OF PROCS      Count of processes.
  17  \# OF SESS       Count of login sessions.
  18  \# OF SAMPLES    Count of count of disk samples.

 The tacct Structure

 The tacct structure, which is not part of the acct.h header file,
 represents the total accounting format used by the various
 accounting commands:

 /* Float arrays below contain prime and non-prime components */
 struct tacct {
         uid_t ta_uid;           /* user-ID */
         char ta_name[8];        /* login name */
         float ta_cpu[2];        /* cum. CPU time, p/np (mins) */
         float ta_kcore[2];      /* cum. kcore-mins, p/np */
         float ta_io[2];         /* cum. char xferred (512s) */
         float ta_rw[2];         /* cum. blocks read/written */
         float ta_con[2];        /* cum. connect time, p/np, mins */
         float ta_du;            /* cum. disk usage */
         long ta_qsys;           /* queue sys charges (pgs) */
         float ta_fee;           /* fee for special services */
         long ta_pc:             /* count of processes */
         unsigned short ta_sc;   /* count of login sessions */
         unsigned short ta_dc;   /* count of disk samples */

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