Sense code 80090000 trying to use as400xfer.

Env: AIX 3.2.5 
     SNA server v2.1 
  Configuring SNA Server for use with AS/400 Connection Program.
  Getting sense code 80090000, session maximums not negotiated.
  Checked link station profile and DLC profile.
  In both places, Solicit SSCP sessions was YES.  
  Changed both to NO.  This solved the problem with the sense code.
.Next issue: 
  Now getting this from as400xfer:
   428: sna system error 146.

  Checked snaservice logs:
    snadd program software error
    filename lu6rslu.c
    line 797
    error: 146
    Partner LU not specified.

  Checked the profiles, everything seemed ok.
  Finally found that customer was trying to run as400xfer with the
   CP name (S1049999), instead of the Partner LU alias or the
   fully qualified LU name.
  Using the LU alias solved the problem.

   The as400xfer command is documented in the manuals available
   for the AS/400 Connection Program product.

Support Line: Sense code 80090000 trying to use as400xfer. ITEM: AP3044L
Dated: December 1995 Category: N/A
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