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XSTATION: Reserved Memory and Fragmentation Threshold


 I'm running AIX 325 with an Xstation-150.  I just installed the
 1.5 level microcode and noticed I have some new parms on the
 Xstation local menu.

 Under X Parms, I have Fragmentation Threshold and Reserved Memory.
 Where is this documented what these mean?  There was no README I
 could find the the ptfs that brought me the 1.5 code.

 If there is not doc, you you please tell me whay they mean?

 I got a Framentation Warning msg just now (never had any
 problem with memory berfore V1.5) and the second time the
 msg appeared, it locked up my terminal.  Had to power off/on.
 What does this msg mean is going on?


The two parameters are new parameters in the Xstation 140 and 150
microcode at level 1.5.

    Here is a description of their meaning:

    Reserved Memory:
      This is internal memory used by the server during a malloc to
      put everything make to the state is was in prior to the malloc
      if there is not enough memory to proceed with the request.
      The default is set to "minimum".  If you increase this value,
      you are taking more memory from the Xstation which would normally
      be used in your applications to be used in this reserve pool.

     Fragmentation Threshold
       This is the largest free fragment of memory that should be
       available before you get the fragmentation warning message.
       i.e. If there are no memory fragments of the size specified
       (default is 64KB) or larger, you will get the fragmentation
       warning message.

     One thing you may want to experiment with is increasing your
     Reserved memory (from Minimum to Med Low).  This would keep
     more memory in the reserve pool, and when you get into a situation
     where memory becomes critical, it may allow you to recover in
     a more elegant fashion.  i.e. you will have enough available
     resource left to close windows/applications in a orderly fashion.

     Keep in mind, the memory that I am referring to above is Xstation
     System memory (DRAM) that is used by the Xstation for it's
     Xserver code, fonts, backing store, pixmaps, save/under.

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