Filesystem is lost, but the logical volume is still there.


I am having a problem with a filesystem. I am running 3.2.5
on a model powerstation 250. 


DESC:   You have a filesystem that isn't on the system now and someone else
put another filesystem with the same name on the system.

ACT:    After getting rid of the logical volume that was put on the system,
with the same filesystem name, you did an lqueryvg that showed lv00 in 
the rootvg.  The odmget command showed an entry in the ODM for this 
logical volume and showed the "value" equal to the name of the filesystem 
you are looking for.

When you did a lslv on lv00, the mount point showed N/A, but the Label
was set to the name of the filesystem we are looking for.  We created an 
entry in /etc/filesystems for the filesystem, since there wasn't one in 
there with the device set to /dev/lv00.  After successfully mounting the 
filesystem, you looked into the filesystem and your data was there.

Then, we looked at the drives and the filesystem was only on one of the two
disks in the system.  You used

   \# lslv -m \

to determine this.

NEXT:   Closing call since this solved your problem.

Support Line: Filesystem is lost, but the logical volume is still there. ITEM: AB6823L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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