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How do I set up transparent print off the 128 port card?


AIX 3.2.4 RISC ?
How do I set up transparent print off the 128 port card?

I was able to find the instructions to setup a trasnparent printing
using 128 port board under AIX 3.2.4.  I found the instruction through
Austext research. I did test the printing under AIX 3.2.5. Following are 
the steps to be followed to set-up a transparent printer off of a device 
(terminal,pc) using 128 port board.

The following procedural steps will help one to setup a transparent
printing and allow one to cat files to the printer port

In order to configure transparent print devices on 128-Port Async
Subsystem async ports:

        1. Log in as root.
        2. Issue the following command:

                mknod /dev/lpxN c maj min

                        where N=/dev/ttyN
                              maj=major number of /dev/ttyN
                              min=minor number of /dev/ttyN + 32768
          Note: to determine the major and minor number of /dev/ttyN,
                issue the following command:

                ls -l /dev/ttyN

                The command will return the following information:

                crw--w--w- 1  root  system  maj, min  month day time

                Where maj, min are the major and minor device numbers

A transparent print device /dev/lpxN will be created.  You can then
cat files to this device after setting the terminal-specific
transparent print parameters using SMIT Change/Show Hardware
Characteristics of a TTY.

                Select Change/Show Characteristics of tty
                Select Change/Show Hardware TTY Characteristics
                enter proper Transparent Print ON string []
                enter proper Transparent Print OFF string []

Check the permissions for the following files so that non-root users
will be able to print to the transparent printer

    owner = root
    group = printq
    mode =  SUID,555
    type =  FILE
    owner = root
    group = printq
    mode = 555
    type = FILE
    owner = root
    group = printq
    mode = 664
    type = FILE

I will call the client probably tomorrow as they are East Coast client
and they are gone for the day.

I was able to talk to the client and the procedure worked for them so
they agreed to close the issue.

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