Cannot get modem connection to CPC after CPC replaced.


No connection to modem off CPC


        AIX 4.1.4, Cluster Power Controller (CPC)
        Customer was having problems with the CPC.  The CPC was
        looked at by hw support and replaced.  Now there is no
        login prompt after connecting to the modem attached to the
        There is no problem when the modem is attached to S2 as
        opposed to the CPC.  The CPC tty (tty1) has a getty running.
        It is likely that the CPC setting for enabling a modem
        connection was not set after replacement.  Caller was not at
        the CPC but at a remote site.
.        Explained that we need to adjust some settings in the CPC
        menus, since the CPC was replaced.  We need to be on the tty
        attached directly to the CPC, and then press ctrl-T to get
        to the CPC menu.
.        1 - From Main Menu, select '(1) Modem'.
        2 - From Modem Menu, select '(0) Miscellaneous Parameters'.
        3 - Select '(0) Enable/Disable Modem Connection' to toggle
            between enabled and disabled; this should be set to
        4 - Select '(1) Change Modem Init String' to set the
            initialization string needed by their modem.
        5 - Exit back to Main Menu.
        6 - Select '(0) TTY'
        7 - Select '(3) Set Configuration'
        8 - Select '(4) Save CPC Configuration to FLASH'
.        After all of these changes, and power cycling the modem on
        the system end, customer was able to get his connection

Support Line: Cannot get modem connection to CPC after CPC replaced. ITEM: BW9501L
Dated: June 1997 Category: N/A
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