ITEM: I5251L

LED 553 after a reboot


I have AIX  v3.2.4 running on my RISC System/6000.  On boot up, 
the machine is hanging on a LED 553.  Earlier, I had gotten an i/o 
error while doing a tar so I did a fsck on my /usr filesystem.  It 
reported that I had a bad block so I booted in Maintenance Mode (MM)
and ran fsck on my filesystems.  All came back cleanly.  I then 
attempted to boot up normally and my system hung on a 553.  The tar 
was being performed on one of my user Volume Groups (VGs).


We booted again into MM using the bootable media.  We selected option
\#4 to perform maintenance work and issued:

   \# getrootfs hdisk0 sh

Since you already ran fsck on the filesystems, I had you run: 

   \# logform /dev/hd8
       Destroy? -> yes
   \# exit (to continue with the getrootfs script)

After checking around the filesystem, it seems that /bin doesn't exits
neither does /lib.  So we linked /bin to /usr/bin and /lib to /usr/lib
and /bootrec to /usr/bin/bootrec.  Other links also seemed to have
disappeared.  The unix link and the /u links were gone also.  We ran:
    \# ln -s /usr/bin /bin
   \# ln -s /usr/lib /lib
   \# ls -s /usr/lib/boot/unix /unix
   \# ln -s /home /u
   \# ln -s /usr/sbin/bootrec /bootrec

Then we issued: 

   \# savebase
   \# sync;sync;sync
   \# shutdown -Fr

The system rebooted normally and you are back up and running.  Thank
you and have a nice day.

Support Line: LED 553 after a reboot ITEM: I5251L
Dated: April 1994 Category: N/A
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