/usr/sbin/sysreconfig[22]: ttymsg not found


  AIX 4.1.5
  RISC 390
  sysback 3.3.3.x  this could effect version 4 as well


The sysback was failing on the first boot in the sysreconfig
file with these error messages:

sysreconfig[22]: ttymsg not found
sysreconfig[25]: ttymsg not found
sysreconfig[55]: reboot not found

Once the system is up and in normal mode I had the customer do this:

vi /env.cmd

env > /tmp/output

I put a entry into the /etc/inittab


I ran this command on the command line:
init a
cat /tmp/output

We are missing a PATH variable

We looked in the /etc/envirnment and they had commented out the
PATH line within the file.

That is why the PATH was not set when the init was calling the
sysreconfig during the first boot.  

The basic question is this:      

Should sysback add a PATH line within the sysreconfig program, 
or hard code a path on each command called?

This is extremely rare, and I have only seen this problem occur once in 
the life time of sysback.

I think this is an error on the part of the customer since I dont know 
that there's any rule saying that commands in the inittab file must have 
hard-coded pathnames. I think he's likely to see other problems as well, 
but since it's no skin off my back, I'll put a PATH statement in the
file. This will only apply to Sysback 4.2 and later.

Support Line: /usr/sbin/sysreconfig[22]: ttymsg not found ITEM: FT5836L
Dated: May 1998 Category: N/A
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