ITEM: L7574L

41 meg file shows as 2 megs through df.


Customer is veiwing file size,.
When the customer does a df on the file it shows that a 41 meg file
is only taking up 2 megs of file space.
*This problem seems to be created by sysback 6000.
Client restored a file off of the syssback 6000. 


Called the cusotmer back. This is an AIX backup/restore command issue
and is working as designed. The only time this occurs are when backing
up and restoring sparse files, usually created by some database
applications.  Sparse files are files where data is written at block
5, then block 5000, but no data is written to the blocks in between.
When the backup is taken, only 2 blocks are backed up, and therefore
only two are restored.  The remainder are null blocks that are
included in the size of the file, but since the restore command does
not actually read them from the tape and restore them to the disk,
they are not included in the df command output.

Support Line: 41 meg file shows as 2 megs through df. ITEM: L7574L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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