Problems configuring ethernet adapter on a RISC Model R30


The RISC model R30 (an SMP model with two CPUs) was preloaded w/AIX 4.1.2
and shipped with a Token-Ring adapter.  Now we need to attach to an 
Ethernet, so we're replacing the T-R with the Ethernet High performance 
adapter.  We installed the adapter and loaded the device support from the
CD, but we continually receive the following errors when we try to
configure the en0 interface via: smitty tcpip --> Minimum configuration.

  Method error (/usr/lib/methods/chgif):
        0514-066 Cause not known.
  0821-510 ifconfig: error calling entry point for /usr/lib/drivers/if_en:
  Cannot establish a connection to a remote service.
  0821-223 chgif: Cannot get records from CuAt.
  0821-229 chgif: ifconfig command failed.
  The status of"en0" Interface in the current running system is uncertain.
          /usr/fbin/mktcp: problem with chdev command.  Return Code=1
          /usr/sbin/mktcpip: problem with chdev command.  Return Code=1

We stopped TCP/IP, removed the drivers, ran configuration manager, and
tried again, but got the same errors.  The system error log shows
7E5A14C9 and 916F6D64 errors with a timeout in en3_com_err.c.

The IP address configuration seems fine.  No other IP interfaces are
configured.  We tried a second, known-working adapter from an AIX 3.2.5
system and got the same failure.  You ordered a brand new card to see if
this solves the problem.

In the meantime, we ran diagnostics, first from CD, then from hard
disk.  In both cases, the system says it will take up to 5 minutes,
but it comes back in about 30 seconds with service request number:

   852-121     10BASET transceiver test failed.

This is odd in that it never asked whether it was attached to a network,
nor did it prompt to install a wrap plug.  Secondly, nothing was attached
to the High Performance Ethernet adapter, so why was 10BASET assumed?


We've solved the problem!  It is clearly associated with the bus because
we installed the new adapter the other bus and it worked fine.  We moved
the adapter that failed earlier to the new bus and it worked fine too.

It appears you've encountered a hardware with defective "flex cables" on
the SMP system.  These cables are unique to SMP systems.  You will 
report the problem to your local IBM Service.

Support Line: Problems configuring ethernet adapter on a RISC Model R30 ITEM: AM2104L
Dated: October 1995 Category: N/A
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