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Can I run the restore command in the background?


I would like to run the restore command in the background but whenever
I do the restore quits.  The backup is contained on only one tape, so
I do not need to switch the tape.  The command I am using is:

  restore -xdvf/dev/rmt0 directory_name

Why is the restore stopping when I put it in the background?


The reason that the restore command is being stopped when you
specify it in the background is because it is prompting you
to mount the first volume and to press enter.  Since it is
running in the background there is not stdin to read from and
the restore command stops.
 You should add the -q option to your restore command to specify
that the removable medium is ready to use.  You may also want
to redirect stdout and stderr so that they are sent to a file
rather than to the screen.  

Here is a sample restore command that will accomplish this:

  restore -xdqvf/dev/rmt0 directory_name >dirfiles 2>&1&

This command should run fine in the background.

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