sysback network install hangs


  AIX 4.3
  RISC 390 (server)  and  J30 (client)
  sysback 4.1.2
  I created a full system backup on the 390 to a file.
  I booted the J30 over the network from the 390 system (token-ring)
  I then started the install from the J30.  
  It restored / and /usr without any problems.  

  It make the volume group sbvg and all the filesystems, when 
  it started to restore the rest of the data it just hung. 
  I looked on the 390 and there are not processes running for 
  sbread at all.

 Upon reboot, here is the error message I hung on:

System initialization completed.
sh: /usr/sbin/sysreconfig:  not found

Problem was that the resolv.conf file restored from the backup
caused future attempts at contacting the server to go to the
nameserver to resolve, but no gateway is configured for the 
nameserver at this point.

  1.  boot to service mode again
  2.  Choose to "Perform System Maintenance"
  3.  getrootfs
  4.  import rootvg and mount the filesystems
  5.  cd /etc
  6.  cp inittab.sav inittab
  7.  sync;sync
  8.  reboot
  9.  then restore the rest of the data from the remote system
      in normal mode

Next Action:
  Sending sysback.rte 4.1.3

Support Line: sysback network install hangs ITEM: DS2890L
Dated: September 1997 Category: N/A
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