Sysback Fixhist -

                \# AIX System Backup & Recovery/6000 \#
                \#   Version 3 Release 3 Mod 3       \#
                \#           FIX HISTORY             \#
 \# The change history below indicates the specific fixes applied to the
\# current version of Sysback. The last digit if the product level is the
\# FIX ID, and is incremented by 1 each time a new fix level is released.
\# Each fix level may contain more than one change, usually produced the
\# same day.
\# To tell whether a fix has been appiled, run "lslpp -h sysback.obj".
\#    For trial isntallations:
\#       03.03.0000.3005 = Ver 3 Rel 3 Mod 3 Fix 5
\#    For product installations:
\#       03.03.2000.0005 = Ver 3 Rel 3 Mod 3 Fix 5
\#    If updates have been applied:
\#       03.03.0003.0005.SB005 = Fix 5 appled to Ver 3 Rel 3 Mod 2
\# The SEVERITY or TYPE of problem is indicated prior to each specific
\# fix. The codes are as follows:
\#    1 = Very High Severity. Fixes a problem which could potentially 
\#        cause data or system to be unavailabe until fix is applied. 
\#        Affects less customers than pervasive problems.
\#    2 = High Severity. Customers experiencing the problem would require
\#        technical support assistance in a resolution, although the
\#        problem does not pose potential data loss or system outage.
\#    3 = Medium Severity. Fixes a problem in a function which is not
\#        working as expected but customer can continue working
\#        normally.
\#    4 = Low Severity. This is usually a trivial fix which is not
\#        noticed by most customers and is easily worked around.
\#    C = Cosmetic fix only. Has no affect on program.
\#    D = Documentation change.
\#    E = Enhancement. Provides new or enhances existing function.
\#    P = Pervasive! Fixes a bug that will strongly affect many customers
\#        (i.e. fixes failure with installation process or a backup 
\#        problem that is not apparent until restore is attempted).

=== ======== === =======================================================
 0  05/02/96  -  Initial 3.3.3 Mod Level Release. Includes the following
                 fixes and changes to last mod level (

              1  Cannot install from 3590 tape drives on AIX V4 systems. 
                 3590 requires different configuration method than other 
                 SCSI drives. Install process now calls config method 
                 defined in ODM for each device. If it does not exist, 
                 common config method is used. (sysmain)
              1  When files entered into exclude list, other files with
                 the prefix entered were inadvertently excluded also.
                 For instance, "/tmp/junk" in the exclude list also
                 excluded "/tmp/junk1", etc. (mkvgback, mkdirback)
              2  Unable to read REMOTE System Backup tape from the command
                 line Message indicates "No permission to execute setbs."
                 Problem does not occur when using SMIT. (sysrestore)
              3  Errors produced by mkfs command when recreating a volume 
                 group or filesystem onto an AIX 3.2 system from an AIX 
                 4.1 volume group backup. (remakevg)
              3  During AIX 4.1 installs, the minimum LV size of a file-
                 system showed the same as the current LV size even it
                 was not full. Fixed problem in generating the logical 
                 volume information during the backup. (mkvginfo)
              4  Backup commands did not produce a failed return code if
                 a failure occurs when reading data from disk. Failure
                 was detected properly if a write error occurred.
                 (mkvgback, mkjfsback, mkdirback)
              4  When recreating a slingle logical volume from the backup
                 in a different volume group with a different partition
                 size, the system now automatically changes the number
                 of partitions in the LV to ensure the LV is created at
                 its original size. (editvginfo)

 1  05/10/96  4  Must ensure that MaxLPs is greater than or equal to the
                 number of LPs when recreating a logical volume in a
                 volume group with a different PP size as the original.
                 Results in message "0516-693 mklv: The -x parameter is of 
                 illegal length or content." (remakevg)
              3  Error "/usr/sbin/sysreconfig not found" at end of install
                 if /usr/lpp or /usr/lpp/sysback was mounted as a separate
                 filesystem. (sysmain)
                 TEMP FIX: Boot in maintenance mode and run getrootfs,
                 copy /usr/lpp/sysback/sysreconfig to /usr/sbin, then 
              E  Added "install.post_rmnet" sample post-install program
                 to allow network attributes to be removed and Sysback 
                 retained at end of install without prompting user.
              4  Virtual device descriptions not appearing on SMIT menus
                 for remote client machines if the server's umask does 
                 not allow read permission to non-root users. (cfgvirdev)
                 TEMP FIX: "chmod 644 /usr/lpp/sysback/.virdevs"
 2  05/24/96  4  "test: missing argument" error appeared when remaking
                 a logical volume from logical volume or filesystem
                 backup. Program continued to successful completion.
                 Added a VG record to the table of contents for logical
                 volume and filesystem backups in order to track the
                 original physical partition size of the logical volume.
              4  Post-install samples script "install.post_rmnet" not
                 correctly removing all network definitions on AIX 4.1.
              3  cfgremserver command fails with message that server is
                 unavailable if server has not enabled access to "root"
                 user on the client. This should continue regardless 
                 since other users may have been granted access. 
              E  Improved progress indicator output when reading/writing 
                 small amount of data. Indicator shows "\<1" for less
                 than 1 MB of data and "N/A" for kbytes/sec if not
                 applicable due to size of data. (sbwrite/sbread)

 3  06/04/96  E  If a filesystem is excluded from a volume group backup,
                 the filelist will now be created faster by not parsing
                 that directory tree. (mkvgback)
              4  Multiple boot images cannot be created at the same time
                 by different processes. Changed programs creating tape
                 and bnetwork boot iamges to check for conflicting 
                 programs and wait until they complete before running the
                 bosboot command. (mksbnetboot/mkboottape)
              C  Options for customizing volume group and logical volume 
                 attributes only allowed for up to 99 entries (VGs or LVs)
                 in the list. This has been expanded to allow up to 4
                 digits. (editvginfo/syseditvginfo)
              4  Change (\#2) to progress indicator worked when writing, but 
                 reads always show "\<1" for total megabytes. Same update
                 to sbwrite has now beel applied to sbread also.

 4  06/14/96  E  When using "Print or Display System Configuration" option,
                 user may now select to print to file and/or print queue.
                 If neither selected, report is displayed on screen.
              E  Allow rootvg to be recreated on a running system if user
                 selects to change the volume group name. (remakevg)
              4  Dont list filesystems when changing filesystem attributes
                 if user selected not to create the corresponding logical
                 volume. (editvginfo/syseditvginfo).
              4  When editing volume group information, the system would 
                 not allow the LV stripe size to be set to 8 KB. This
                 was added to the list of supported stripe sizes. This change
                 was made at but lost. (editvginfo/syseditvginfo)
              4  When configuring remote services or creating network boot 
                 images, files saved by root user may end up with incorrect 
                 permissions if umask is not set to default 022. This 
                 includes services, inetd.conf, bootptab and exports files.
              4  AIX Version 4 backups indicated failure return code if
                 file in the file list is deleted before the backup
                 completes. Problem occurs only on AIX V4 systems since
                 non-fatal return codes of backup command were changed.
              3  Backups to parallel virtual tape device failed with message
                 "A child process has died" if tape reached end of volume.

 5  06/28/96  4  Error "no such address" shown when restoring a logical
                 volume backup from a parallel virtual device and also
                 showing the progress indicator. A few extra bytes were 
                 written to the logical volume which exceeded its length.
                 This error can be ignored, the LV was restored properly.
              3  When re-installing the rootvg volume group, filesystems
                 could be mounted in wrong order if priority of logical 
                 volume set to less than its parent filesystem. Could 
                 result in running our of space during restore of data.
              3  When displaying device options for backup or restore,
                 process sometimes hung if a device is used by another
                 process (depending on PTF level of rmt device driver). 
                 Since tape may be rewinding from prior use, the open
                 is reattempted after 5 seconds and the message "Device 
                 is currently in use" will be followed by "Never mind, 
                 its ready now". (sbdevice)
              3  Performing network boot over Class A or Class B networks
                 sometimes failed with LED 610. If the subnet mask 
                 specified was, it was ignored since
                 it was assumed to be the default. This value is only the
                 default for Class C networks, and must otherwise be
                 specified with the ifconfig command when configuring the
                 network interface. (sysmain/sysmenus/sysnet/mksbnetboot)
              4  Keyboard type was not being retained across installs on
                 AIX V4 systems if set to other than Posix(C). (sysmain)
              3  If root filesystem (/) is out of space when backup is
                 created, device configuration was not being retained
                 after an install from the backup. 
              E  Logical Volume backups not performing well on faster
                 disk drives. Backup and restore options better optimized.
                 For backups from SSA disks to fast tape drives or disk
                 image files, backup may increase by 4X. Restore time
                 only slightly increased. (mklvback/lvrestore)

 6  07/19/96  E  AIX 4.2 tape and network boot support added.
              4  Platform Type option was appearing in SMIT menus
                 when installing Sysback on AIX 3.2 systems. This 
                 option does not apply to AIX 3.2 systems, and its
                 value has no affect.
              4  Error from 'dspmsg' command when recreating a single 
                 logical volume from a backup that is not a filesystem.
                 This is a message catalog error and has no affect.
              3  cfgremsvs command (configure remote services) was not 
                 restarting NIS "ypbind" with the same parameters as
                 originally specified in the /etc/rc.nfs file if user
                 had changed the file. (cfgremsvs)
              4  When entering a file to save to when using the sbsmitout
                 output screen on AIX 4.x systems, information typed
                 to override the default $HOME/sysback.out file were being
                 displayed elsewhere on the screen. Also, backspace key 
                 did not work properly in this field. (sbsmitout)

 7  08/23/96  4  Message "paging space rootvg no longer active" appears
                 at end of install process. The attempt to remove
                 paging space definitions from /etc/swapspaces if they
                 were not created was in error. The file is not changed
                 and the invalid error may be ignored. (sysmain)
              4  Message "instserver: unknown host" appears at end of a
                 remote install of non-rootvg volume groups. The system 
                 was unable to return the remote tape block size to its
                 original value. (sysnet)
              4  Ambiguous error messages produced when non-root user
                 attempts to modify the exclude list. Added trap that
                 displays message that only the root user may do so.
              4  rs6k and rs6ksmp platform options had been combined into
                 one option on AIX 4.2 systems. Need to keep separate 
                 options so that, if user selects rs6ksmp platform and MP 
                 kernel doesnt exist, the program can exit with error 
                 message rather than default to UP kernel.
              4  Syntax error at line 226 of editvginfo command appears
                 when recreating a single logical volume from a backup
                 taken at a sysback level prior to (editvginfo)

 8  09/12/96  4  The PATH variable changed in the sysback library to
                 include the previous user path in case it is needed 
                 during the fsback.pre/post customized scripts.
              3  Backup commands displayed error but did not exit with 
                 error code if write error occurred. (mkdirback/mkvgback)
              2  Exclude list did not exclude directories when '*' wildcard
                 was used. (mkdirback/mkvgback)
              3  getlvminfo command exited with core dump when -q option
                 used on an AIX 3.2.3 or earlier system. The -q flag
                 extracts quorum flag (which is not valid at AIX 3.2.3 or
                 earlier). (getlvminfo)
              3  readsbheader command not rewinding tape before attempting
                 to read volume label at selected image. Added -n flag to
                 indicate tape should not rewind, otherwise tapes always
                 rewind at start. (readsbheader)

 9  10/18/96  4  The tape block size of a remote tape drive was not being
                 reset to its original value after the completion of a 
                 network install. (resetbs)
              2  Exclude list did not exclude directories when '*' wildcard
                 was used. This is additional fix to \#8 above.
              3  Option to remove Sysback at end of install process (when 
                 installing on a different machine than the backup was 
                 created from) was not removing sysback if user answered 
                 yes. Also, option to remove network configuraton was not
                 being presented. (sysmain)
              2  When network adapter to install from differs from the boot
                 device, the wrong configuration method is being used to
                 configure the network device on RSPC systems. Install
                 process changed to obtain correct device method programs
                 from the device configuration database. (sysnet)

10  11/01/96  4  Post-install sample script for removing network config
                 inadvertently removed loopback ip address from /etc/hosts
                 file. (install.post_rmnet)
              2  When recreating a volume group on an active system, if
                 a logical volume fails to create on the first pass 
                 because LVM cannot satisfy the requested disk location,
                 the remakevg command fails after that and all subsequent
                 LVs since the return code is not reset before the second
                 attempt. (remakevg)
              4  Do not display "smc" devices in the device selector screen.
                 Although theya re in the tape device class, they are 
                 loaders, not tape devices, and cause confusion.
              2  When installing the system, the rootvg was created with 
                 the minimum VGDA size which did not allow adiditonal disks
                 to be added later. (sysrvg)
              2  Some RSPC ethernet adapters did not get configured 
                 properly when changing the network install adapter after
                 performing a network boot. (rc.boot4/sysmenus)

11  11/26/96  4  mkvgback and mkdirback command exiting with error:
                 "Directory %s in exclude list file is invalid." if
                 the exclude list file contains only a newline.
              2  Correction to RSPC ethernet adapter fix in \#10 above. 
              2  When recreating a volume group on a running system, the
                 physical volumes on which an LV exists were not being
                 properly retained in some cases. (editvginfo)
              3  Unable to run sbfwd command on a remote parallel
                 virtual device. Message indicates there is no permission
                 to create shared memory segment. (sbfwd2)

12  01/31/97  4  Message "Paging space (lvname) no longer active" 
                 inadvertently appeared at end of install process. The
                 message appeared for all paging space, although it
                 should only appear if paging space was not created.
              2  Support added for RSPC machines with mp kernels. Required
                 ability to create MP-bootable tapes and network boot
                 images and update to SMIT help screens.
              2  Error when selecting or deselecting hdisk names for
                 volume groups during installation or when recreating a
                 volume group on a running system. Selection of "hdisk2"
                 would inadvertently also select or deselect "hdisk20", 
                 etc. (editvginfo/syseditvginfo)

13  02/06/97  E  Enhancement to enable fast-boot process on rs6ksmp 
                 machines after a system installation.
              4  When adding remote host access to a server, selecting
                 F4 to display valid list of devices to allow produces
                 invalid virtual device descriptions. Choosing the option
                 works properly but initial display is confusing.
              2  Core dump sometimes occurred when running remote
                 sbdevice, sbread or sbwrite commands when there were 
                 multiple virtual devices configured on the server.
              3  Entering wildcard character when displaying files to
                 restore from a backup would sometimes expand to show
                 only files currently on the system rather than the list
                 of files on the backup.

14  02/10/97  2  Fix \#12 for adding support for MP kernels caused
                 erroneous messages in SMIT when performing system 
                 backup, creating boot tape or creating network boot
                 image. Occurred only on AIX Version 3 systems.

15  02/24/97  2  Error created at fix \#13 where error message appears
                 indicating "done not expected" when listing files to
                 restore in SMIT.

16  04/03/97  3  On RSPC/MP systems, sysback command required the 
                 kernel (-k) flag to be specified or it would default
                 to UP. This now uses default of MP if installed.
              4  On some unsupported disks, 'bootinfo -s' does not
                 return PV size. This causes syntax error in lscfginfo
                 command. (lscfginfo)

17  05/27/97  P  During install on AIX 4.1.5 and 4.2.1 or later systems, 
                 the following ODM errors occurr when creating volume 
                 groups during the installation process:
                   0516-304 mkvg: unable to find device id in device
                   configuration database
                   0516-324 mkvg: unable to find PV identifier for physical
                   volume.  The device configuration database in
                 The messages are inconsistent with the actual error. The
                 problem is due to the "dd" command missing, which is
                 required by the "mkvg" command after some late 4.1.5 PTFs
                 are applied and built into AIX 4.2.1. This fix adds the 
                 "dd" command to the maintenenace environment to correct 
                 the problem. (sysinit)

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