starting vi turns off wraparound for aixterm

Env:    4.2, 43P

ACT: Customer provided a normal user login for me.  I telnetted to his
system and confirmed that starting something like vi does indeed
turn off the wraparound feature of my aixterm.  This happens when
the vi program is started and probably has something to do with 
screen initialization.

I am able to manually turn this back on by using the 
ctrl-middle-mouse-button menu on aixterm.  I tried to find some 
attribute in terminfo that might be causing this, but to no avail.

NEXT: I did find that 

esc [ ? 7 h

will turn this feature back on.  I also found that the tsl attribute
in terminfo starts with

esc [ ?

but then inserts to other fields I am not familiar with.  I believe
this would be a point of research.  Queueing back to AP for further
work next week as I will be gone.

ACT: customer was able to correct the problem by editting the dec.ti
file in /usr/lib/terminfo.  He changed the xterm stanza.  It orginally
had use=vt100nam, which he changed to use=vt100am.  He then tic'd the
dec.ti file and it corrected his problem.

NEXT: cwca

Support Line: starting vi turns off wraparound for aixterm ITEM: CE6491L
Dated: September 1996 Category: N/A
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