Questions about the new IBM Auto Token-Ring LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter.


I am running AIX 3.2.5 in a CAD/CAM and heavy NFS environment.  Are there
any performance benefits to this new Token-Ring adapter over the older
High Performance Token-Ring adapter for the RISC System/6000?

The IBM Auto Token-Ring LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter will not give you major
performance boosts until it is used in conjunction with the IBM 8272 
LANStreamer, which was previewed in announcement 194-288. The LANStreamer
provides a Token-Ring "switch" that is analagous to the already announced
8271 EtherStreamer.  An ATM uplink is planned for the future.

Purchasing this new adapter today simply provides the user with a good
Token-Ring adapter that positions you for full duplex performance improve-
ments that will be provided by the 8272.  Additional features of this
adapter are:

  - STP or UTP via a single RJ45 with on-board media filter (An STP 
    conversion cable is provided)
  - Auto Ring Speed detect/select
  - Adapter Status LEDs
  - Full Duplex Enabled     \<--- to be used with 8272
  - A short card that will fit in the short microchannel of the RISC
    Model 41W or 41T

You should expect the LANStreamer's full duplex capability to have a very
positive performance impact on a heavily-loaded server.  On the other
hand, you should not expect to see much of a performance improvement on a
simple client system.

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