how to install optional bundle on mksysb restore

  AIX 4.1.2

  Question on as used by mksysb during restore.  Have
  created 'master' machine with standard products installed.
  Created a 'bundle' customization file, listing additional 
  filesets to be installed for specific machine.  Now created
  a mksysb.  The bundle file is listed in prior to
  creating the mksysb.  Would like the mksysb restoration to
  install the additional bundles as listed in

  Explained that my understanding of the file is that 
  it provides 'answers' to the questions during an installation
  (bos install of mksysb install), and allows for no-prompt 

  According to documentation in the installation guide, it 
  appears that the can be used when restoring a
  system and it should 'install' the additional bundles listed
  in the 'bundles=' line.

  Tested and determined that by specifying a script for BOSINST_FILE
  in (which is created by mkszfile), it is possible to
  run a script that will perform installation of a bundle file as
  well as other customization.

  To install the bundle, the script should perform the following:
    mount the filesystem containing the installation images
    execute installp command:
       installp -Xacgq -d\ -f\

  None, CC

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