ITEM: K0880L

Unable to execute rsh command


I am running AIX 3.2.4.  I am receiving an error message 'a file 
or directory in path name does not exist' when trying to execute 
the following:

  \# rsh \ \

  \# rsh \  (without a command to execute) works fine.


We were able to determine that the cause of the problem was an incorrect
(invalid filename) or missing (blank) 'initial program' for the
user within the /etc/passwd file.

In this case, the entry for initial program was '/bin/ksh' was added
and this solved the problem.  You can also change this via SMIT and
change the user's characteristics.

Support Line: Unable to execute rsh command ITEM: K0880L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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