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Cobol compiler corrupts data base if pid# is > 64000.


I am at 3.2.3e and my Cobol compiler corrupts my data base whenever a
job process ID number is greater than 64000. I have been trying to
limit the number of users and stripped down our system in an attempt
to get the PID numbers to be smaller. I know this is a problem with
the complier but I'm trying to see if I can manipulate the way process
id numbers are created.  I have been told that the numbers are
assigned by first available slot.  Anyway, I need to get my compiler
working. Call me to make sure that you understand this question.


In discussing this with the customer, it was determined that he wants
to know    if there is anyway to influence the PID numbers, either
through hardware or      software changes, such as adding memory,
changing paging space, etc.  He and his vendor is working with Micro
Focus to address this question from the COBOL side but in the
meantime, he wants to be able to "influence" the pid's.
for this customer.
   further questions, please see Marie.

   is the actual slot number, and the remaining low order 8 bits
   is the generation number.  The 8 bits cycle from 0-255.

   He has already had contact with Micro Focus.  Closing pending
   further questions.


Bob called back, and I explained the above to him; telling him that
Micro Focus uses process id's (pid) for locking, and that they were
effectively using all of the process id's.  Also mentioned that there
was nothing he could do to avoid what was happening other than
speaking with Micro Focus.

I spoke with Marie and asked if she would speak with Micro Focus for
Bob.  Am reassigning this to Marie.


After discussing this with Micro Focus, it was determined that the OSX
(Runtime Environment) must be at level 10.04 or above and LOCK_MODE=2
in $COBDIR/cobconfig.  A description of this is found in Micro Focus
COBOL for UNIX COBOL System Reference, Chapter 26.

To determine the version of the OSX, cd to $COBDIR and look at osxver.
LOCK_MODE=2 specifies that the OSX provide for interlanguage locking.
This method causes record locks to lock the physical record.

Support Line: Cobol compiler corrupts data base if pid# is > 64000. ITEM: F3302L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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