Getting wrong date after installing from a sysback full system backup

        AIX 3.2.5

        Using sysback/6000 ( to clone system from a network
        server.  Installation completes with no problems but afterwards
        noticed that the dates on directorys and links are set 'funny'.

        So far have cloned three systems (model 220), server is a model 340.
        On two of the systems, the dates on directories and 'links' are
        set to the year 1928 on the other the date is set to 2024.
        Appears to only be directories and links, actual files appear
        to be correct.

        Checked with developer and this may be a problem with the restore
        command, since that is what sysback uses to restore data.  Will
        need to test.

        What /usr/sbin/restbyname returned the following:
        36  com/cmd/arch/backup/restbyname.c, cmdarch, 
        bos320, 9246320p 11/16/92 12:53:03
        60  com/cmd/arch/backup/restorx.c, cmdarch, 
        bos325, 9341A325aa 10/5/93 17:38:17

        unable to issue same command on the system where the boot 
        diskettes and tapes were created.  

        Customer will recreate boot diskettes/tape on same system that 
        is the source for the sysback installation image, and the
        attempt to restore once again.

        I will continue to research and follow suggestion of developer to
        test the restore command:
                backup directories/files
                restore with '-xvdqf' flags

        Customer called and left phonemail.  Have discovered the problem the
        cause of the problem.  When booting the systems from diskettes
        to facilatate the network install, were using 'old' sysback 
        diskettes (demo version you thing, don't know the version).

        After creating new sysback boot diskettes from the current
        system and repeating the installation process, machines
        installed normally and dates were correct.  Repeated the process
        using the original diskettes and recreated the problem.

        Appears somehow, the sysback diskettes were causing the problem.

        OK to close per customer.

Support Line: Getting wrong date after installing from a sysback full system backup ITEM: AE0253L
Dated: December 1994 Category: N/A
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