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Need help setting up remote queue.


E: Aix:3.2.5 

D: The customers print queue has recently gone down.  If they
try and print to the remote queue then the queueing system reports
that the remote queue is down.  However the remote queue shows up when
you do an lpstat from the remote system.  What can be causing this

Basically, you have this type of setup.


You have a remote print queue from RISCA to RISCB, the queue shows
down on RISCA but RISCB's queue show READY.  The lpd daemon on RISCB
show inoperative (using lssrc -s lpd).  We tried refreshing and
restarting it with:      
        refresh -s lpd         
        startsrc -s lpd

But, in both cases the lpd stayed at inoperative.  Then I have you
remove the /etc/lock/lpd file.  This file is a lock file which
contains the pid of the lpd process.  After you removed the lpd file
and performed a startsrc -s lpd then the lpd was active and everything
works fine now.

It seems to be the case that the locks file was corrupted and didn't
contain the pid number of the lpd process.  But, it at some point the
lpd must have been killed and restarted by srcmstr.  Resulting in the 
state where the lpd is inoperative and will not restart.

I tested this in the lab by having an lpd daemon running and then
editing the /etc/locks/lpd file.  I substitued the pid number of the
lpd process with a "111111:w3eew ".  Then when I did a kill -9 on the
pid of the lpd, srcmstr should have restarted it, but instead it goes
to inoperative and a startsrc doesn't restart it.

Support Line: Need help setting up remote queue. ITEM: K7574L
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