7013-580: Hangs at LED 299 on system boot

KEYWORDS:       SCSI scuzzy sczy fast and wide adapter boot hang LED 299
 ENV:           7013-580 and SCSI2-F/W adapter
                AIX 4.2.1 (and others?)
 PROBLEM:       Can't boot from HDISK or TAPE attached to SCSI2-F/W
                hangs at LED 299.
                If bosboot command is changed to include -U (uncompressed)
                option, then machine will boot.
*ACTION PLAN:   580 microcode does not support booting from any device
                attached to a Fast and Wide SCSI adapter.
                Workaround is to attach boot device to non fast and wide

Support Line: 7013-580: Hangs at LED 299 on system boot ITEM: HA1448L
Dated: August 1998 Category: N/A
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