1800-109 error when trying to display a print queue

ENV: AIX 4.1.4 (smp)
     Model j30


Trying to display print queues thru smit and getting
1800-109.  Customer upgraded from 4.1.3 to 4.1.4 and then
installed 4.1.4 + (U444116) for smp upgrade.  601-604 upgrade
installed (U444814) and an email fix.  U443181.  Customer has
rebooted since applying above fixes.

When in smit spooler, and trying to change/show print queue
characteristics - getting 1800-109, no more smit screens available. If
he removes and re-adds the queue, he gets no errors.

Research shows several instances of this happening, all seem to 
be associated with smp machines, all point to odm database corruption.

Capture error information form smit.log
Check $ODMDIR=/etc/objrepos
Check $PRINT_HOST=spcon

Remove all the files in the following directory:
Deinstall the printers.rte fileset.
Re-install the printers.rte fileset from the installation

Action: Advised customer of all previous solutions, we also checked
ODMDIR, which was /etc/objrepos (good)

Customer feels removing and readding the queues will be the best
solution for him.

Support Line: 1800-109 error when trying to display a print queue ITEM: CH2170L
Dated: November 1996 Category: N/A
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