sysback restore SP node on different hardware


env:  9076, pssp 2.2, aix 4.1.5, sysback 3.3.6, sysback
      backup of a thin node, to be restored on a wide node

desc: Thin node had device support for Integrated Ethernet
      (devices.mca.8ef2.rte), and this support was in the
      sysback backup.  

      Sysback supported restore of this backup onto a wide
      node, thru the High Perf Ethernet Adapter (full length
      card, requires devices.mca.8ef5.rte - not in the

      Node completes install, boots, we can open s1term
      console and login.  But ent0 is stays in the defined
      state, no en0 interface available.  Hmmmm...

      We have no LAN connection to this node!  Cannot
      customize the node (no ethernet access), also cannot
      Estart the switch (node cannot contact the cws
      to find out who Eprimary is).

      How do we get the device support (...8ef5.rte) onto
      this node?

act:  Maybe we add external single ended scsi adapter and
      external AIX 4.1.5 CD-ROM and read from there.

      Our solution was to go get FDDI adapters and hub
      because we also knew the sysback backup had FDDI
      support installed.

next: Had customer install devices.mca.8ef5.rte on his
      thin nodes back home.

      INTERESTING TO NOTE:  a non-bootable mksysb backup,
      reinstalled thru the NIM config of PSSP would have
      had the right device support available to ADD to the
      configuration on restore.  devices.mca.8ef5.rte
      would have been available from the resource

Support Line: sysback restore SP node on different hardware ITEM: BU6202L
Dated: February 1997 Category: N/A
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