ITEM: T3424L

Question on the -b flag on the restore command

Env:  AIX 3.2.5

Question:  What does the phrase:
"Cluster size is 51200 bytes (100 blocks)" 
mean when restoring from an archive made with the backup command.

Answer:  You can think of the "cluster size" as the buffer size at which
data is read or written.  The default size for backup is 50k 
(51200 bytes).  You can change this buffer size with the -b flag on both
the backup and restore commands.  The number following the -b flag is
the number of 512 blocks to read/write with.  For example, the following 
backup command:

 find ./ -print | backup -ivf/dev/rmt0 -b10

will display the following information when creating the backup:

 Cluster size is 5120 bytes (10 blocks)

A restore using the -b10 will also display the same information in the

Support Line: Question on the -b flag on the restore command ITEM: T3424L
Dated: March 1995 Category: N/A
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