DB2v2.1 -SQL0968 when doing a restore -SQL0293 in diag.log

  The customer has two systems.  On system A he does a backup.
  On system B he recreates the db with the DDL used on system
  A.  He then trys to restore the db to system B.  All of the 
  containers are now unaccessable and the restore eventually 
  failes with a full FS error.  Both machines have the same 
  instance name and are at the same level of db2.  The TSs are 
  DMS and have the owner:group set to the instance owner and its 
  primary group.  There is no problem creating tables in the new 
  database and inserting rows.

  What to do?

  Called Stephen, the problem seems to be related to the db cfg on the
  source system. There the db cfg creates 3 log files of  40MB each.
  On the target system when db2 attempts to create the 3 logs files it
  returns SQL0968 because there is only 99MB free.

  Suggested to modify the db cfg of the original db in order to decrease
  the space requirements. Then take a backup and restore on the second

  Once this was done the restore proceeded without any trouble.

Support Line: DB2v2.1 -SQL0968 when doing a restore -SQL0293 in diag.log ITEM: AX2496L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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