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NetView - Serial connecting line appears black



 Not sure if this is a known problem but I have a situation where
 two dual serial port routers which were previously connected
 but their interfaces connecting  have now been 'shutdown' (  their IP
 address are still assigned on the interfaces) but the confusing part is
 that the connecting line appears black.  Double clicking on the line
shows that the sub-map contains NO objects. Whats going on ?

Most likely, what you have here is an *unmanaged* serial network
connecting the two routers.  The line between the two devices is
the network symbol, and it behaves just like a round non-serial
network icon, in that when you double click on it, the network
submap comes up.

When you double click on an unmanaged network symbol, the network submap
is empty (although under some circumstances, this is not always true).

The problem here is that unmanaged round non-serial network icon
symbols have a *wheat* color, but unmanaged serial connection symbols
are black.  This is admittedly confusing, because at first glance,
it is difficult to tell if a serial network is managed or not.

If you would like connection symbols to indicate status in all cases
(this is my personal preference), put the following lines in your
.Xdefaults file:

  OVw*unknownStatusLineColor:             SkyBlue
  OVw*unmanagedStatusLineColor:           wheat
  OVw*acknowledgedStatusLineColor:        LimeGreen

The reason why these are not the defaults to begin with is that
sometimes these colors can make the connection symbols hard to
see, especially if you use background graphics or if you are
color blind.

Anyway, click on the connection symbol, then select Options..Manage
to manage the network, and your problem should go away.

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